Meeting Marlayia

Employee Spotlight This week’s spotlight is one of our marvelous assistants, Marlayia. She brings a fun, happy personality to our office and we are so glad she is part of the team! Name: Marlayia How long have you worked at Little People’s Dental? Almost a year What is your position at LPD? I refill the […]

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Children’s Dental Health Month

Little People’s Dental is excited to be involved with Children’s Dental Health Month. We love the focus on children’s oral hygiene and we love to be out in the community. This month we will be involved in the Give Kids A Smile Day at the University of Utah, the Safe Kid’s Fair at the South […]


Parents frequently ask questions about fluoride.  Here’s some info on it to help answer some of the questions that come up: What is it? Fluoride is a compound of fluorine found naturally in water and food. Minerals such as fluoride come and go from the surface of a tooth’s enamel every day.  These minerals are lost when […]

Office Tour

Office Tour Movie Our super, cute assistants put this movie together! They showcase some adorable kids enjoying some of the fun things in the front while waiting for their appointment. If you haven’t been to the office recently, take a look at the new mural on the wall! In the last couple weeks new murals […]

Come meet Jill!

What do you know about the people who serve you at Little People’s Dental? Probably not much! For the next few months, you will occasionally learn a bit more about our staff! This month’s post is on our front desk/receptionist/office manager Jill! We love learning about each of you when you come to our office! […]

Fun, Inside Games with Kids

Our family loves to play games together. We also love to invite another family over on a Saturday or Sunday evening and teach them a game. This probably stems from our years in Dental School away from family.  The family that plays together, stays together (Right?)! Here’s some of our family favorites: Squirt Bottle Game This […]

What changes are happening around here?

A couple of months ago we hit our anniversary of taking over Little People’s Dental and it’s been fun for us to look back at some of the changes that have taken place. We’re happy with the culture and care that we have been establishing over the past year. Here’s some of the highlights and […]

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Olympic fun

We are going to have an Olympic family night and we wanted to invite other families to join in on the fun. The plan is to start out with a delicious Brazilian meal since the Olympics are being held in Brazil. Dr. Gardner lived in Brazil for 6 years so he loves some good Brazilian food! […]

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What if I Don’t Like Playing with My Kids?

This post is an article written by our good friend, Rachel Nielson. Rachel and her husband, Ryan, were in dental school with us in Buffalo, NY. After dental school Ryan went to Denver to study pediatric dentistry. Then, they ended up in Twin Falls, Id with us after residency! We have a lot of respect […]

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Chewing Gum and Teeth

When our third child was 2, she would always say,  “When I’m a big girl, I get bubble gum!” So when we were ready to potty train, we gave her gum when she would poo in the potty.  She was so excited to be potty trained. We’ve never been so grateful for gum in our […]