Scare Away Cavaties after the candy

Ok let’s all be honest our children will probably get sugary snacks and treats and the yes…… CANDY!.  Here are some good tips to add to help keep the guilt out. Here is a start from the American Academy of Pediatric Dental. and here’s what they have to say at colgate: Halloween might feel […]

Out with the Germs

As colds, flu, strep and all other sorts of fun bugs hit our little ones remember when they get over their sickness to change your child’s toothbrush to a new one.  Make sure the holder of your child’s toothbrush keeps the toothbrushes from touching others toothbrushes. This simple step will help to keep from spreading […]

Baby Teeth are worth saving

Good Question Why should I have my child’s tooth restored if it’s only a baby tooth? Here are a few reasons 1. The primary molars and canines usually remain in place until eleven or twelve years of age. 2. By the age of three, untreated children can already have extensive decay. 3. Untreated decay will […]

Special Needs Dental

Dental Care for Special Needs Children If you are a parent or guardian of a child with a developmental disability, birth defect or chronic disease, you will most likely need to pay extra attention to their oral health. Special needs children are more prone to certain adverse dental conditions and can also have a more […]

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TOOTHACHE/SENSITIVE TEETH A toothache or a sensitive tooth can be due to a chipped tooth, a broken filling, decay or an infected or dying nerve. Over-the counter pain relief medication can temporarily relieve discomfort. See us as soon as possible for an evaluation. Slight pain, if left untreated, can progress into facial or oral swelling […]

A Win Win Situation

Super September! The easiest contest ever. Have your friends and family join us on Just email us with the names of your family and friends that have joined by 9-30-2010.  The person who has the most people that joins us on facebook will win a $25.00 gift card. To even further add to the […]

Back to School Tool

One of the easiest tips to teach your child at school will give them a great life time habit. Teach your child to take a small swig of water and swish! The process that creates a breakdown in our teeth can be minimized by taking water after each meal and swishing around for a few […]

Toothbrush Hazards

Watching the children in our reception area play with their tooth brush making the toothbrushes their magic wands it reminded me of an experience that happened to me about approximately 20 years ago. My children were most excited to come and inform me their chores were done.  We had a routine of checking the chores […]

Welcome To Our Passion

Welcome to Little People’s Dental! We all collectively love and have a passion for children in our office. We all love the funny tales and stories that come from the children playing in our office playroom waiting their turn. Hearing them sing is a guarantee our day will be so much better. We love to […]