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Our family loves to play games together. We also love to invite another family over on a Saturday or Sunday evening and teach them a game. This probably stems from our years in Dental School away from family.  The family that plays together, stays together (Right?)! Here’s some of our family favorites:

Squirt Bottle Game

This is our families rendition of the game Categories.

Everybody sits in a circle. One person is in the middle and they choose a category and get to hold the squirt bottle. They think of something in that category and go around the circle with the squirt bottle. When somebody guesses what they are thinking the person in the middle squirts them and then they are the next person in the middle. You can’t repeat things that have already been said. Also, you’ll have to decide if you want to put time limits on answers if things get slow.

Here’s an example of the beginning of a round of The Squirt Bottle Game: If the category is Disney Princesses, player 1 names “Ariel”, the player 2 says, “Rapunzel” and player 3 says, “Tiana”. The person in the middle was thinking of Tiana and so they squirt Player 3 and Player 3 is now it.

Animal Game

“Each person begins by selecting an animal, and a noise/action associated with that animal.

The Animal GameFor example:

Elephant: Hold nose and make a trunk with arms, and make elephant noise!
Lion: Show claws and roar like a Lion!
Snake: Join arms together, twist them like a snake and go Hiss…

Once everyone has their animal (you may need to help some of the more shy group members come up with theirs), sit everyone in a circle.  Pick one animal (suggest the Lion) to be the most “senior” or king of all the animals.  The positions get more ‘junior’ as you go around the circle in a clockwise direction.  The aim being to get to the Lion’s seat.

The game starts with the Lion making his noise/action, then the noise/action of another animal.  It then becomes that animal’s turn to make their noise then that of another animal and so on.  The turn ends when someone makes the wrong noise/action or doesn’t respond within 3-5 seconds.  That person moves to the most junior of the positions and everyone moves up one seat.

The more outragous the animal noises/actions, the better this game works.  It becomes a great game when some of the more shy group members come out of their shells!” (instructions from

Flour Game

This game is guaranteed to get adults and kids laughing.

Pack a cup with flour.


Flip the cup upside down on a plate. Place a penny on top.

Flour game 4

Take turns cutting the flour with a knife. When the penny falls off, that person has to fish out the penny with their mouth. No hands allowed. My kids laugh and laugh during this game. In fact, they like to make the penny fall so they have to be the one to fish it out. Warning: this game makes a mess.


Guess Who Game

We like to play this game in crowded places where we are trying to kill time (ex: long line at Lagoon). One person finds somebody in the crowd and the others guess who it is by asking yes or no questions. If you’ve ever played the board game Guess Who, follow the same rules. The person who guesses who it is, is the next person who gets to pick a person from the crowd.

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