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We are going to have an Olympic family night and we wanted to invite other families to join in on the fun.

The plan is to start out with a delicious Brazilian meal since the Olympics are being held in Brazil. Dr. Gardner lived in Brazil for 6 years so he loves some good Brazilian food!

Here’s what’s on our menu:

Brazilian rice and beans – Brazilian beans are delicious! I don’t even like beans most of the time but I love the flavor and tastiness of Brazilian beans.   Click here for a great crock pot recipe for them. I cook up some kielbasa and add it to the crock pot when cooking the beans. Dr. Gardner prefers black beans over pinto so we swap that out also. Your house will smell so good while your cooking this! Here’s another recipe that is not cooked in a crockpot.

Brazilian cheese rolls – I love these cheese rolls so we are going to try and make them. I haven’t tried to make these before but I found the recipe on our best bites and usually their food is amazing. Click here for the recipe. They say the key to making these work out is the tapioca flour which I tracked down this morning at Whole Foods Market. I was afraid it was going to be pricey but I paid $1.50 for my tapioca flour and I think I’ll be able to get two batches of cheese rolls .

Brazilian lemonade – Who knew that Brazilian lemonade didn’t have any lemons? I sure didn’t. Also you can’t go wrong with adding sweetened condensed milk to a drink. Click here for a great recipe for Brazilian lemonade.

I also love this


After the meal you can plan some of these games

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or just watch the Olympics together.  Our kids love an excuse for a party and some family bonding time. I also love an excuse to watch the Olympics! So join us for a night of Olympic fun and post your pictures on Facebook or Instagram and tag us @littlepeoplesdental!


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